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Welcome to the wiki for “Fire in the Belly”, a Dungeons and Dragons 4e campaign created by a bunch of guys in the West Village of New York City. The Dungeon Master for this campaign is Chris Littler.

The story is a work in progress, but if you want to hear our current tale of high adventure, see below.


A Little Prologue: One Morning in the Fire in Your Belly Tavern


Part One: Fort Lumesto

1. The Life and Death of Thomas Witwillow

In which the halfling Bristle Stickyfingers assembles a crack team of the king’s conscripts with one simple task: to accompany an elderly spy on an archaeological expedition without making total fools of themselves.

The King’s 3rd Cartographer | Adventure: The Temple in the Ruins of Lumester | A Fire in The Kitchen

2. Inner Demons and Aged Herbs

The Dragonborn Toth Hillbred journeys with his new friends to Bravewood Garrison to stop an evil wizard from summoning a book that could destroy the world or something.

A Task for Toth | Adventure: Braving Bravewood & Inner Demons and Aged Herbs

3. On Zlata

Juvenile Eladrin wizard Sybil “Sy” Clausner returns to Fort Lumesto with his friends, only to find its been overrun by a band of kobolds.

The Rice Wagon | Adventure: Burning Down the House


Part Two: Mount Kaka


Goods and Services | Ekemondianos Darokonos

Fire in the Belly