The Temple in the Ruins of Lumester

On the way, Bristle lets Sy in on the scheme, and together they attempt to convince Thom of their combat prowess by chopping rocks in half and simple prestidigitation. Thom is skeptical, and grows more and more so as the group bumbles their way through a decrepit mausoleum. Toth grows frustrated with his inability to draw blood. Bam stumbles into the pointy end of a kobold’s spear.

Thom is assaulted every which way by the kobold defenders – nearly dying by every means possible. He’s set on fire, his neck slashed by a drake’s tooth, tossed into a pit of toxic goop. His attempts to turn back are rebuked by the adventuring party, who attempt to buy time by going deeper and deeper into the crypt.

The adventurers eventually fall into their roles and grow more confident in their abilities. That is, until they press a little too far. Following Bristle, they stumble across the source of the kobold pack’s power in a cavern below – a young white dragon. The foursome find themselves outmatched. Sy’s life flashes before his eyes. He thinks of his hometown, and the girl he loved…

Bristle pulls a longsword from the icy cavern wall, and the group discovers the dragon has a peculiar attachment to it. They work together to play a game of catch. Toth snaps and beats the dragon within an inch of its life. Bristle moves in for the coup de grace. Bam is eerily silent after all is said and done.

The battle weary soldiers accompany the King’s 3rd Cartographer back to Fort Lumesto, and the old man comments that he is actually “quite impressed with their skills”. Sy is proud of himself for killing a dragon. Bam remains taciturn.

The Temple in the Ruins of Lumester

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